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With Contributions From:

Paula Hewitt Amram, 
Katherine Arnoldi, 
Isabella Bannerman, 
Susan Simensky Bietila, 
Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz
Jennifer Camper,
Allyssa Lou Allen,
Teresa Cherubini,
MK Czerwiec,
Sandy Jimenez, 
Monica Johnson,
Sabrina Jones,

Peter Kuper,

Ellen Lindner,

Joanne Starer,

Rebecca Migdal,

Andrea Narno,

Seong Un McFarlane,

Carly Shooster,

Regina Silvers,

Lauren Simkin Berke  

Jessica Sturdivant,

Lance Tooks, 

Tamara Tornado,

Jenny Brown,

Emily Waters,

Lauren Weinstein,

Susan Willmarth,

Buy Issue #50: "Shameless Feminists"


Cover Art by Sabrina Jones, Isabella Bannerman, fitri dk

Issue #50 is still available from AK Press


The editors asked artists for their angry, hopeful, untold, and unbelievable stories.  We received beauty, guts, truth, and defiance. A slight majority of our contributors are veterans of World War 3. Almost half are new to our pages, and a couple are having their print debuts. Welcome! We have a couple of art students, a couple of grandmothers, a couple of non-binary artists, and yes, a couple of guys. We are teachers, nurses, protesters, and activists. We are still mostly from around New York City, but our national reach extends to Baltimore, Chicago, Easton PA, Gainesville FL, Madison WI, Portland OR, and San Francisco. Going global with artists from Indonesia, Italy, Holland, and Spain.

 WW3 has sought out feminist art ever since this editor was invited to create her first comics for issue #3. Happily, the woman cartoonist is not such a rare beast as she was in the 1980s. We now recognize gender as more fluid, more nuanced than we did when we first published a “women’s issue”. Now, bigger and madder (is that possible?) than previous female dominated issues: Herstories, from 1992;  Female Complaints in 1999; and Bitchcraft of 2000, we offer you Shameless Feminists. 

Issue #50 editors: Isabella Bannerman, Sandy Jimenez, Sabrina Jones, Rebecca Migdal.

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