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fire breathing capitalism

In the New Issue…

Now is the Time of Monsters, the latest issue of World War 3 illustrated, explores and exposes the predatory logic that underpins our economy, politics, justice system and human relations. As agents of Capitalism seek to extract and exploit at every opportunity, artists and allies come together to push back in words and images. This issue poses the question: is the monster in the oval office a symptom of a society wide mindset that encourages predatory behaviors in business practices like predatory lending and pharmaceutical pricing, law enforcement practices like civil forfeiture and ICE raids, and personal relations like work place sexual harassment and transactional relationships? And how can we combat this mindset? —In the time of monsters our greatest weapon of resistance just might be unity, basic humanity and love. Artists include: Sue Coe, Kevin Pyle, Seth Tobocman, Sue Simensky Bietila, Peter Kuper, Rebecca Migdal, Carlo Quispe, Sabrina Jones, Kate Evans, Jordan Worley, Sandy Jimenez, Mumia Abu Jamal and many others…

176 pages, black and white with color covers, 7 by 9 inches, perfect bound.

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