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Issue # 52 Frontlines of Repair

World War 3 Illustrated is back with a collection of comics and art about repairing our deeply damaged world. Over twenty artists interpret the theme in a wide variety of ways: mutual aid in the face of a deadly pandemic, the struggle to respond to catastrophic climate change; prison abolition and reparations for African Americans; the right of return for Palestinians and the restoration of land to Native Americans; the everyday efforts of workers who are repairing people and places and systems all around us, often invisibly; personal stories of recovery from the trauma of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, bullying, illness, abuse, or addiction. Today's youth especially have taken on this care work, creating strong social bonds to counteract institutional neglect. With a sense of optimism and direct action the artists of World War 3 Illustrated draw us solutions for some of our thorniest problems.

Preorder the print magazine now from AK Press.

Seth Tobocman is a comic-book artist whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Village Voice, Heavy Metal, and many other magazines. He is author of The Face of Struggle, You Don’t Have to Fuck People Over to Survive, and War in the Neighborhood, among several other books.

Jordan Worley is a cartoonist & illustrator who lives in New York. He is a frequent contributing artist and a member of the editorial collective of World War 3 Illustrated. His work has been exhibited at ABC No Rio, The New Museum, and Exit Art. His comic about living in New York post 911 is part of the permanent collection of the Prints and Photographs Division of The Library of Congress.

Paula Hewitt Amram is a painter, cartoonist and green builder who creates work on civil rights, migrations of people, food, animals, and the rights of boys and girls to be out in public.


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